How to Use integrated Logistics in the Supply chain 

For a lot of people, integrated logistics can help with streamlining information and processes. This is important for ecommerce supply chain, but you need to make sure that the logistics management is correct in order to help with monitoring the flow of the supply chain, offering the information from beginning to end. 

There are a lot of business owners who are looking to optimize these logistics in order to serve and compete with others. It’s also not uncommon for them to use integrated logistics kinds of models. So what is integrated logistics? Why does it matter? Let’s look into this and find out. 

What is it? 

Integrated logistics is basically a part of the supply chain where everything in the supply chain are operating in an interconnected fashion and improve the efficiency of the space. How this works is pretty simple. basically, you go through procurement all the way to shipping, and they work together through a logistics model. 


This is basically the planning and management of the inventory in real time. It has resources and tech that enhances how fast it is to procure and forecast this. This is also done with the proper software, and fulfillment partners. 

The materials and the goods that are there are basically based on the demand and the lead times for this. Inventory is always there and so nothing gets disrupted in the supply chain. This is great for avoiding stockouts and replenishment. 


This is basically the distributing of the products to the consumers, to improve the performance of sales and meet the demands of consumers. You want to make sure that it’s carried out in an efficient manner so that ther isn’t any disruptions, and also having access to data in real time.  you should also make sure to determine the SKU that’s there for storage. 


Then there are fulfillment logistics, which basically are getting the products out to customers in the correct manner so that it’s faster and as correct as it can be. This also involves the packing and picking of various orders to get these ready. You can get smart warehousing to make this faster and improve the accuracy of orders. This management system can be added to scanners or wearables, so that you can figure out the location of the item. 


The shipping logistics are the correct labels, carriers best chosen, and getting it to the customer in a way where they can see where it’s going, and get the product quickly, and effectively. 

How this helps customers 

This is really important because it’s kind of like a machine. If you need the inventory to be replenished, visible, and also have the right logistics that are there, this of course allows you to properly track so that nothing gets oversold. This of course can improve the forecasting of this too, including figuring out the best locations for inventory and the demands that do happen. 

There are tons of logistics out there, and there are even different logistics that you can use for each of these. Instead of doing this on your own too, you can also get integrated logistics through a shipping service, so that you don’t have to make it happen all on your own. 

Understanding the logistics is the best way to see the holes in your business, s and prevent any major issues from coming about as a result of this.  If you start to notice this today, you’ll be able to maintain the stock, and make the right choices with each person that comes along.