Common Packaging Design Mistakes

Packaging design mistakes are not uncommon, even though most businesses understand how necessary it is to be mindful of the entire packaging process.

In this article, we will discuss some most common packaging design mistakes that can turn your customers away.

The product

One of the crucial functions of packaging is to communicate information about the product. It cannot be misleading because most customers choose products in a hurry. They do not read labels, meaning that a misleading packaging design might result in them mistaking your product to be something else.

Wasting packaging materials

There has been more emphasis on the eco-friendliness of businesses. Since consumers demand recyclable packaging materials, it is more necessary than ever for brands to make sure that they fulfill this fundamental requirement.

Food companies, in particular, are not paying much attention to optimizing product packaging to reduce wastes.

Not being eco-friendly

The packaging materials you use help your customers determine whether or not you are an eco-friendly brand. You must also tell your customers about your eco-friendly approach by printing a message on the product packaging. It is particularly true when your products promote eco-friendliness.

For instance, you may print a message on tea packaging to tell people about your efforts, but using plastic in the packaging will portray you as a rather non-ecofriendly brand.

Wrong labeling

One of the most significant packaging mistakes is to use the wrong labels. The examples of wrong labeling cannot be funnier sometimes. For instance, using the label of watermelon maize packaging can leave customers wondering.

On a serious note, using the wrong labels can turn out to be threatening in some cases. for instance, you do not want to buy medicine with the wrong label.

Packaging that is difficult to open

It is good to ensure the safety of your product by using secure packaging options, but you have to make sure that you are not making the product packaging hard to open during the process. Your customers will eventually start disliking your product if it is enclosed in packaging that is difficult to open.

Packaging unable to communicate emotions

The lack of an emotional bond will make your product forgettable. Customers want to have feelings towards the brand and products. If the packaging of your product is unable to invoke those feelings, you will have to rethink and reconsider your product packaging.

Make sure to make your customers feel special when they look at the packaging of your product. Customers want to buy products that resonate with their personalities. It means that you will first need to get all of the information you can about your audience.

Packaging design with too much going on

It would be understandable if you cannot make your product packaging design minimalistic due to the type of product you sell. However, it doesn’t mean that the packaging of your product is just too painful to see. Even if you need to add a lot of design elements to the packaging of your product, make sure to maintain the right balance in the packaging design.